so we can eat: family dinner no. 1

Our two families, along with our parents, are living within five miles of each other for the first time in years. Recognizing how fortunate we are to be this close, how fleeting time is, and quickly things can change, we are making a concerted effort to purposefully spend more time together and create new traditions.

First on the list is a monthly family dinner, or as Wren calls it, our “Hunt & Gather” dinner. The day before the dinner, we see what looks good in the meat case at one of our favorite local grocer-butcher’s, Tacoma Boys, and then plan the rest of the meal around it using seasonal fruits and vegetables available there, or from other local grocers or farmers markets. In addition, we all usually end up bringing bunches of freshly picked herbs and various greens from our own or friends’ gardens.

Here is the menu for our first official family dinner, we adapted the oven-roasted clams and the salad from Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen:


Oven-Roasted Manila Clams With Crimini Mushrooms, Bacon & Tomatoes

Spinach, Pear & Wild Arugula Salad With Smoked Bacon & Curried Cashews


Creamy Stuffed Strawberries With Fresh Mint Syrup