right now: springtime


With a balcony garden and two plots at a local community garden to care for, Wren is getting her hands dirty this spring.  The balcony garden features pots of sweet and Thai basil, rosemary, cilantro, pansies, ranunculus and a Pink Lemonade blueberry bush (pink blueberries!).

In the community garden, Wren and her husband planted romaine lettuce, cherry tomato and Quinault strawberry starts and direct-seeded the ground with chives, green onions, spinach, and snap peas.  They are looking forward to a flavorful and colorful harvest.  What projects are you working on this spring?


2 thoughts on “right now: springtime

  1. I manage a communal garden that grows vegetables. This year I am giving fruit a try for the first time. Berries, vines, and trees. Should be an interesting experience. Best of luck with this year’s bounty!

    • Thanks, Matthew! Do come back and let us know how your venture into growing fruit for the communal garden works out. For us, it is quite an exercise in patience as fruit trees and bushes may come into their prime several years after planting, but it is enjoyable and very rewarding in the long run.

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