right now: in the thick of it

Pink Ballet Shoes in Fall

Thirty-six weeks pregnant and steadily growing, Wild’s mind is spinning faster and faster even as her body slows down. Remembering to be grateful gives her a glimpse of a path through the dark moments that often return as she readies for the birth of a rainbow baby.

Considering things she is grateful for, no matter how seemingly small or inconsequential, helps clear a space of light in the daily murkiness of caring for a fireball of a toddler, a dog who has taken to stalking Wild as if she were about to give birth any moment, and a bevy of adolescent hens who insist on performing call-and-answer numbers in their coop at 2:30 in the morning.

Wild’s ‘Things To Be Grateful For’ List No. 1

  1. The plethora of resources for mothers available today both on the internet and in the printed word. This list of ’10 Blog Posts Every New Mom Should Read’ via Stroller Traffic is a great start, which brings me to:
  2. The strength of Adrian Donnelly Rowley of ivyleagueinsecurities.com in telling the story of her miscarriage and encouraging others to do the same. Someday, perhaps I will be capable of writing down the story of our daughter.
  3. This post ‘Free But Not Cheap’, by Magda Pecsenye on AskMoxie.org which has helped me understand different facets of motherhood and how to separate the jobs that come with it from the relationship being cultivated.
  4. A funky, sanity-saving haircut from Tacoma’s curly hair savant Susan Pack. So excited to support her as she steps out on her own at Indigo Salon!
  5. The gift of a 90-minute prenatal massage by Abrah Zigler, a very talented and intuitive therapist seeing clients at Salon LaTresse.
  6. Family living nearby for the first time in six years.
  7. Experiencing the luxury of reading new books while living on a tight budget as a single-income family by “shopping” at the library.
  8. A growing circle of generous and artistic friends who use their time, skills and resources to take care of each other whenever possible.
  9. Enjoying the amazing range of fruit and vegetables grown and foraged in the Pacific Northwest and the privilege of exposing our children to it from birth.
  10. Being married to a good man for the last six years, who no matter what, always comes through.

What are you grateful for?–wild wren