in hand: what wren is reading

Wren's Reading

Having recently moved with her husband into a tiny flat in town, Wren has finally dug her sewing machine out from storage and is desiring to learn how to sew. And to sew well, if possible.

Stealing moments between applying for jobs in her new city, she is feverishly making toddler-sized ties for her discerning young nephew and finding inspiration in library books about fabrics, sewing, screen-printing and of course, food and love.

Here are the books she (and little Domo, above) is submerged in now:

  1. Lotta Prints
  2. French General: Home Sewn
  3. Material World
  4. The Nest Newlywed Handbook
  5. Print Workshop
  6. Cesar: Recipes from a Tapas Bar
  7. Material Girls
  8. The Liberty Book of Home Sewing
  9. Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear

What’s on your reading list this week? Share your picks in the comments below!

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