so we can eat: at home

Confined to home for at least one month (doctor’s orders) has meant no August trips to market. In fact, the farthest distance we’ve traveled for local produce has been to the front porch to check on our two-year old Olympia blueberry bush.

However, thanks to pots of spearmint, sage, green onions, parsley and Genovese basil studding the small wooden deck out back and the appearance now and again of a CSA bag bursting with just-picked crops, we have still been able to enjoy fresh, in-season fruit and vegetables, and plenty of them.

In the thick of summer, it is easiest (and we think wisest) to stick to simple dishes with basic ingredients. Hot corn on the cob, dripping with butter and sprinkled with salt, slices of Dapple Fire pluots and Western Sweet nectarines topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream, thick slabs of Sun Jewel melon and grilled vegetables brushed with olive oil are all dishes that hit the spot right now. Though grilling eggplant just right is admittedly still a struggle for us, we have been grilling peaches and nectarines with good results.

Yesterday evening, Lottie + Doof’s Peaches, Onions and Bacon salad post had us grilling Jupiter Donut peaches and sweet onions, caramelizing bacon and making a tangy dressing and the flurry of activity was definitely worth it. We served it with brown rice pasta spirals for a filling meal though it could have easily been served without and been satisfying. The next time, we may even skip caramelizing the bacon for a slightly saltier kick to the dish but either way, yum. Peaches will be in season around here probably through September, give this dish a try while they are still around!

Hoping to be up and back at markets next month, in the meantime,

Happy Noshing! – Wild Wren