captured moments


the journey to this 2nd home has been filled with life-changing opportunities. I have made many frequent returns, but at certain times it has only been in my mind, a distant and persistent longing from far away.
upon this final approach by train, the morning light brings excitement and anticipation laced with sadness and uncertainty. the chance to retrace the moments of happiness, realizations, and growth.
my ears perk up at the sidewalk hustle around me – the taxis horns blaring, the sun rays peering around the heights of skyscrapers, the convergence of a world of languages that are melodious to my mind.
there is no need to explore this time around. the city brings itself to my feet. a small turn to the right or left will provide me with anything I could desire. and so I wait, watching and willing humanity to pass by me, to entertain my sight with a last performance of creative expressions of this city’s vitality.
aromas stirring up from the food carts eventually push me on to the outer boroughs where I pounce upon one of my favorite simple yet indulgent treats – a warm, freshly baked everything bagel – that is my moment in utopia.
my trip is not worth the travel unless I sample a final local fare – in this case, a specifically chosen slice of pizza that will finish out the day of satisfying my soul and my stomach.
why do I come here? it’s my retreat, my quiet moments of nature hidden amidst the giant concrete and steel carcasses. the force of this heaving city that is softened by gentle serenity. it has once again given me a chance to refocus. i am now ready for whichever path the next train will lead me.