so we can eat: a new column & big spoon jam

We’d like to introduce “so we can eat”, a new monthly column on Wild Wren that will run the the last Sunday of the month during our local farmers market season (June-November) and will feature what really stood out to us at market that month, whether that be fresh produce, a new goodie or a local maker or grower.

big spoon jam's americano jelly

Recently, while wheeling the little one around Lake Forest Park Farmers Market and taking photos of the farm stand for his papa, I discovered big spoon jam.  The owner, Tina, creates thoughtfully crafted artisan preserves featuring Washington fruit and honey.  She and her daughter, Daily, a local singer-songwriter, were very sweet and helpful as I perused the wares at their stand.

Deciding between the Rhubarb, Rum and Bay Leaf Preserves and the Americano Jelly was a challenge.  In the end, we took home the three-ingredient (espresso, cane sugar and agar) Americano Jelly.  It is stunning, akin to enjoying a perfect iced coffee in each spoonful.  I enjoy it as a late afternoon snack over plain yogurt, preferably Greek yogurt.

Would you like to get a taste for yourself?  Keep an eye on big spoon jam’s Facebook page or check her out on Twitter to find out which farmers markets and events she will be heading to throughout the season.

Happy noshing! – Wild