right now: a pause

With modern life and the continual chaos of frantic schedules, it’s difficult to just Stop. To do absolutely nothing. It is frustratingly practically impossible for me. And it’s a quality I humbly envy in others.

To my surprise, today presented itself with an opportunity for spontaneous rest. Out of nowhere. Normally, I fight it – “I have to clean,” “I need to finish paperwork,” “bills, bills, bills!!,” “the dishes must be washed,” “there’s a dust bunny stalking me in the hallway,” (I will leave out the manic details from my upheaval of the bedroom furniture and its subsequent cleansing of the closet last night)…

What was different about today? I’m not quite sure, but I’m pleased to say that my brain decided to pause – just for a few moments, but yes, it paused.

I hit the stop button on a silly show playing in the background. I struggled to detach myself from the constant barrage of technology at my fingertips. I stopped fretting about what needed to be done today, tomorrow and next week. Such a precious intermission. I hope more shall follow in the near future.

Maybe, just maybe, it was the newly and peacefully arranged room, the inviting bed with its plush textured pillows, my being surrounded by tall open windows, with dark curtains protecting my solitude from the city outside. With my Love nearby and a light breeze drifting in from the river, I breath deep to enjoy the real life. I’ve found a moment to pause.